Keeping up to date

We provide a number of current awareness and alerting services to enable you to keep up to date within your area(s) of work or study to improve patient care and services.

is a service which provides evidence updates tailored to your specific professional interests. Alerts generated include guidelines, systematic reviews and selected high-level journals. Please fill in a Library membership form and indicate your work and interests to receive updates.

The CASH (Current Awareness Service for Health) is a collaborative service provided by health librarians who monitor and capture content from across a broad range of subject areas. Content is added to the searchable Online Database and is available streamed through numerous news feeds, using RSS technology. 

To be added to the circulation list if emailed out please email

  • The Daily Health News - covers health news stories and hot topics (including Covid related news) and is emailed out each day. 
  • The Super Six Bulletin contains links to research published in BMJ, Lancet, JAMA, NEJM, Annals of Internal Medicine and Annals of Emergency Medicine. This is also emailed out.
  • Infection Control Bulletin - Covering all aspects of infection prevention
  • Sepsis Bulletin: Contains information about sepsis, its control and management in all healthcare settings.
    • Both are available via email or from the CASH website
  • Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse Bulletin and The Health Management Bulletin are brief bulletins produced fortnightly and are aimed at nursing and midwifery staff and managers respectively and are available by email or from the CASH website.