Keeping up to date

We provide a number of current awareness and alerting services to enable you to keep up to date within your area(s) of work or study to improve patient care and services.


KnowledgeShare is a current awareness system that keeps you up to date with latest research of your choice.

  • Use to support your clinical practice, professional development, areas of management, education and safety
  • Evidence drawn from latest publications
  • Based on your own professional interests, highly personalised and targeted
  • Your interests can be wide (e.g. management) or more specific (e.g. febrile seizures) and can be restricted to patient age groups or settings
  • Includes not only the latest research but also guidelines and policy documents

Sign up using the library membership form to receive the latest updates based on your chosen professional interests.

We offer the following bulletins:

  • Daily Health Bulletin - covers health news stories and hot topics
  • Health Management Bulletin - fortnightly bulletin aimed at managers
  • Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse - fortnightly bulletin aimed at nursing and midwifery staff
  • Leaflet Bulletin - details major new public health campaigns and titles new into stock
  • Super Six Bulletin - contains links to research published in BMJ, Lancet, JAMA, NEJM, Annals of Internal Medicine and Annals of Emergency Medicine

If you would like to receive these bulletins directly via email, please contact us.