The Team

The Library and Knowledge Service team offer a wide range of support and services to our users. The team is multi-disciplinary with a number having particular knowledge or skills as follows. Please feel free to contact us with your information need.

Sarah Stones
Library & Knowledge Service Manager
Sarah was recently promoted to LKS Manager after 10 years as Deputy of the service. Her aim is to continue the innovative work around the Bright Sparks Innovation Hub in the library and support the launch of the new East Midlands Evidence Repository (EMER) which captures research, innovation and project outputs from Sherwood Forest Hospitals.

Colin Lynch 
Deputy Library and Knowledge Service Manager
Colin’s role is to deputise for the manager and line manages the day to day running of the physical Library.  He also supports and encourages evidence based information skills training including critical appraisal and searching.                                                                             

Mandy Tidswell/Yvonne Finnigan 
Our two Primary Care Knowledge and Evidence Managers with a particular focus on public health and primary care. 

Sarah Thomas 
Primary Care Evidence Support Librarian
Sarah’s role is to support and encourage evidence based healthcare in primary care.                                                            

Cathy Stead
Evidence Support Librarian
Cathy’s role encourages the use of the library’s extensive resources to support evidence based health care.

Amy Pellow
Assistant Librarian - Evidence Support
Amy’s role is to provide support to the Evidence Search Service and contribute to the various current awareness services the library creates.

Sylvia Shelton
Senior Library Assistant
For any queries about journal stock contact Sylvia. She can also provide advice about obtaining photocopies of articles from other libraries and answer general library enquiries. Once a month Sylvia goes out to Newark Hospital with her trolley service.

Linda Hopwell
Library & Resources Officer
Linda has extensive knowledge of and provides support for both the main library stock, and also for the Health Promotion section and leaflets collection. 

Valerie Owen
Library & Resources Officer
Val has extensive knowledge of the leaflets collection and co-ordinates the public health campaigns. She also supports parents at the Down's syndrome clinic.