Clinical Psychology Wellbeing Webinars

Clinical Psychology Wellbeing Webinars

Each week our Clinical Psychology team host a wellbeing webinar on a different theme which enables you to support your wellbeing and provide you with the tools and techniques to guide and improve your wellbeing journey, particularly during this challenging time. Click on the links below to catch up.

Psychological PPE 2: How becoming aware helps with stress

Psychological PPE 4: Courageous conversations and keeping connected

Psychological PPE 5: Managing Transitions Part 1

Psychological PPE 6: Managing Transitions  Part 2

Psychological PPE 7: Living and working well alongside Covid 

Psychological PPE 8: Tackling barriers to moving forward 

Psychological PPE 9: Supporting other people in distress

Psychological PPE 10: Working at your best

Psychological PPE 11: Rest and Reflection

Psychological PPE 12: Addressing anger, frustration and irritation

Psychological PPE 13: Becoming aware and managing compassion fatigue

Psychological PPE 14: How to spot the signs and challenge micro-incivilities 

Psychological PPE 17: Making use of reflection and planning ahead

Reconnecting toolkit

We have also created a range of Reconnecting toolkits and supporting resources suitable for our colleagues. Please click the links below to view the resources.