Managers and Leaders Wellbeing

Managers Toolkit

Click here to find the Manager's Guide on How to Support your Colleagues' Health and Wellbeing (New for March 2023)

Printable Wellbeing Leaflet for Colleagues

Download an up-to-date version of the colleague support guide, please click here

Managers and Leaders Checklist

  • Save VIVUP phone number to phone
  • Save Wellbeing Website to your devices- laptop, phone and desktop
  • Look after your wellbeing and lead by example


  • Book on Wellbeing Conversations Training
    • Know the signs of stress and burnout
    • Be confident in having the wellbeing conversation
    • Know what is out there and how to “sell” it to colleagues
    • Familiarise self with Wellbeing Website
    • Hold regular supportive conversations with colleagues
    • Walking check ins, out of work area time to check in
    • Follow up


  • Check the environment
    • Is it safe and well maintained? If not, report it
    • Improve and tidy up staff rest areas
    • Hydration stations


  • Identify a Wellbeing Champion and protect them 4 hours a month
    • Up to date staff notice board, posters on toilet doors
  • Display going home checklist


  • Break planning (including your own) e.g. start of shift
  • Traffic Light assessment for Team Wellbeing culture and goals
  • Ask teams what would improve their Wellbeing?