Your induction programme

After your Welcome Day, all colleagues will go through further induction programmes: 

For clinical colleagues, a comprehensive two/three day specialist induction programme. The programme will take you through all of our clinical processes, procedures, equipment and what it means to deliver outstanding high quality care to our patients. Depending on your area of work and whether you are registered or not, you may need to go to your ward/department for a local induction as part of the final day of your induction. Your Line Manager will make you aware if a local induction is needed, otherwise you will be given time to complete your required e-Learning.

For medical colleagues,, you will receive a Trust corporate induction when you first start with the organisation. This will be followed by a local induction programme for your particular speciality.

For non-clinical and administrative colleagues, your line manager will have designed a bespoke local induction into your role and your area, to help you settle in quickly.

After your Induction all colleagues will receive a 30, 60 and 90 day appraisal conversation where you will discuss what’s going well, if any support is needed and decide your objectives for the year ahead.