What's an e-bike?

E-bikes are a great option for many people. The number of e-bikes available on the market is expanding rapidly and prices are falling.

But why would you decide to buy an e-bike?

You don't want to be too sweaty when you arrive at work.
For me, my cycle commute to work is my aerobic workout for the day. Given that, I like to shower once I arrive at work. But that may not suit everyone and an e-bike is a great way to reduce the effort (and so sweating) during your commute. Why not use electric on the way to work and then turn the electric assist off or down for your ride home? 

You have a long commute.
It may be that your level of fitness at the moment means that cycling to work is that bit too far for you. An e-bike can increase your range and over time as your fitness improves, you can reduce the electric assistance you use.

You want to travel faster to reduce your commute time.
Using an electric bike may well increase your travel speed and so reduce your commute time.

You ride with a friend who is faster than you are.
A great way for two friends of different speeds to ride together is for one of them to use an electric bike.

How much will an e-bike cost? 
As for all bikes, there is a wide price range for e-bikes. You can expect to pay anything upwards of £500. The number of e-bikes on the market is rising very fast and alongside this, the prices of e-bikes are falling all the time. E-bikes come in a wide variety of frames including mountain, hybrid, road and folding bikes. There are also systems available that convert a standard bike into an e-bike.