Breast Service

Our Breast Service treats patients with breast conditions at both Kings Mill and Newark Hospitals.

Offers treatment for the below conditions:

- Breast abscess

- Breast implants

- Breast reduction

- Cancer of the breast

- Screen-detected breast cancer

- Symptomatic breast cancer

Features of the Breast Unit include:-

  • Comprehensive multidisciplinary breast cancer service including:- prevention, high risk, family history and all aspects of diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment.
  • Operating over two sites for geographical convenience; Mansfield and Newark
  • Immediate and delayed breast reconstruction including skin sparring operations, nipple areola tattooing and reconstructive surgery following a wide local excision – extending the surgical limits of breast conserving surgery.
  • Performing Bilateral prophylactic mastectomies and reconstruction in conjunction with genetic services.
  • Sentinel Node Services.
  • Neo-adjuvant/pre-operative endocrine therapy and chemotherapy to downsize large cancers.
  • New drugs; we have access to clinical trials providing new drugs and our research involvement in this area linked to novel biological treatment of breast cancer.
  • Referrals to Kings Mill Hospital breast unit can be made using the NHS Choose and Book system. For any appointment enquires or assistance please call 01623 672273. Referral criteria as per the agreed C&B form.
  • Breast Unit; this unit has approx. 4000 new referrals a year, in addition the screening service is offered to 19,000 ladies a year. A significant proportion of symptom referrals are out of the catchment CCG areas.
  • Cancer charity; the breast service works closely with multiple charities in North Nottinghamshire. They have made a significant contribution to service developments such as imaging equipment and reconstructive equipment, which was provided by the pink ladies at Newark, allowing fat transfer procedures at Newark Hospital.
  • Public meeting and education days; annual open days have been successful in meeting and sharing our experiences with all stake holders including colleagues from within the Trust, CCG, general practice and charitable partners.
  • Consultants; our expert clinicians in the breast service provide the very possible care for the whole patient journey with the breast cancer care:-

“The breast unit aims to be at the forefront for the highest standard of care for patients with breast disease by closely monitoring cancer targets, governance, patient experience and other quality assurance outcomes”.

Breast Surgical Team

Mr A Jahan – Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, Head of Service, Associate Director for Breast Surgery

Mr W Ismail – Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

Mr M Dakka - Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

Mr D Puthu – Associate Specialist

Mr G Elamin – Speciality Doctor

Breast Radiology Team

Dr C Fragkoulakis – Consultant Radiologist

Dr D Velijkovic - Consultant Radiologist

Dr A Karuppiah - Consultant Radiologist

Breast Care Nursing Team

Gill Clark – Lead Breast Care Nurse

Lisa Rahn – Breast Care Nurse

Yvonne Lisseman-Stones – Breast Care Nurse

Carolyn Bennett – Breast Care Nurse

Oncology Team

Dr Sachin Trivedi – Consultant In Clinical Oncology

Dr Luis Aznar-garcia – Consultant in Medical Oncology

Pathology Team

Dr S Gill – Consultant Histopathology/Clinical pathology – Histopathology Chair

Dr S Azad – Consultant Histopathologist

Psychology Team

Jo Levene - Clinical Psychologist Cancer Service Lead

Sam Malins – Clinical Psychologist in Cancer Care

Open access; the breast unit offers open access to all patients who have undergone care, then have developed further needs, concerns and require additional psychological and emotional support. Similarly the breast prosthesis clinic is offered to all patients that have undergone breast surgery.