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The Urology Consultants working at Sherwood Forest Hospitals are:

Mr Bhojwani, Mr Krishnan, Mr Ashraf, Mr Natarajan, Mr Bodiwala, Mr Miller, Mr. Green and Mr. Pal.

Our urology services include care and treatment for conditions such as: 

• Balanitis 
• Bladder stones 
• Cancer 
• Cancer of the bladder 
• Cancer of the kidney 
• Cancer of the prostate 
• Cancer of the testicle 
• Cancer of the uterus 
• Destruction of kidney stones 
• Diagnostic endoscopy of the bladder (cystoscopy) 
• Dilatation and curettage (D&C) 
• Erectile dysfunction 
• Examination of the uterus (Hysteroscopy) 
• Fibroids 
• Hysterectomy 
• Incontinence - bowel 
• Incontinence urinary 
• Infertility 
• Keyhole prostate surgery (TURP) 
• Male contraceptive pill 
• Periods absent 
• Periods heavy 
• Periods irregular 
• Periods painful 
• Premenstrual syndrome 
• Priapism 
• Prolapse of the uterus 
• Prostate disease 
• Urinary tract infection 
• Urology 
• Vasectomy.

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