Our cardiac nursing services are set up to help provide specialist cardiac care at the point of admission for patients. The services include; Heart Failure Nurse Service, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Chest Pain Service, Arrhythmia Nurse Service. 

Heart Failure Nurse Service

Patients are seen in the emergency assessment unit, or while staying on a cardiology or medical ward, with the aim of providing a service that will direct patients onto the correct clinical pathway, promote effective, evidenced based treatment and reduce the overall hospital stay. On discharge from hospital, the Heart Failure Nurses may see a patient in an outpatient clinic, or refer to the most appropriate primary care team, for symptom management.

Patients who are diagnosed with Heart Failure can be referred to the Heart Failure Specialists Nurses for advice, support, education and monitoring. 

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

This service is delivered by two specialist nurses and a physiotherapist. This service is offered to patients following an admission. The team provides support and information to help patients and their families understand their condition and treatment. They aim to guide the patient to resume as normal a life as possible addressing physical and psychological recovery. They assess and monitor patients individually through an appropriate exercise programme and refer on to specialist services as required. 

Chest Pain Nurse Service

Our chest pain nurses work with the on-call Cardiologist. Patients admitted to the emergency assessment unit with chest pain will be seen by the chest pain nurses. They will review symptoms, test results and treatment. Patients will be referred on for further investigations as appropriate. If the chest pain is non-cardiac the patient will be referred back to the medical doctors for review. 

Arrhythmia Nurse Service

The Arrhythmia Nurse Service comprises of two Specialist Nurses. The purpose of the service is to provide advice and support to patients and their carers who have an arrhythmia or following the fitting of a complex device. The service is available during the hospital stay or following discharge home. 

Below is a list of the Cardiologists

Dr S.K Bassi
Dr S Bielak
Dr I Fazal
Dr A Jan
Dr H Kamaruddin
Dr F Masood
Dr A Riaz
Dr S Tekle
Dr M Timol
Dr M Zeb

The consultants are supported by a large team of dedicated cardiac Physiologists, Radiographers and Nursing staff.