Dermatology services at King's Mill and Newark hospitals provide specialist opinion and care for the treatment of skin problems.

Current Medical Team:

Dr T Joseph - Consultant

Dr E A Baylis - Associate Specialist

Dr S Israr - Staff Grade

Dr R Singla - Consultant

Dr R Kothari - Speciality Doctor

Mr H M Haseeb - Associate Specialist - plastic surgery

Specialist Nurse Team:

Lesley Strazds - Skin cancer Nurse Specialist

Susan Litchfield - Associate skin cancer Nurse Specialist

Elaine Parkinson - Pre-skin cancer and chronic disease Nurse Specialist

Ann Launders-Wheatley - Chronic disease Nurse Specialist.

Treatments and services offered:

•Behcet's disease
•Day Case Surgery
•Eczema (atopic)
•Eczema (contact dermatitis)
•Eczema (discoid)
•Eczema (varicose)
•Fungal nail infection
•Lichen planus
•Skin Cancer

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Please click here to access the British Association of Dermatology patient information leaflets, or click here for Dermnet New Zealand.