Welcome Treatment Centre

About the Unit

The Welcome Treatment Centre provides care and treatments for patients with Haematological/Oncological disorders. Care is also provided for some Gastroenterology, Rheumatology and Osteoporosis patients.

The Welcome Treatment Centre is situated on the 4th floor, with outstanding views of the local area. There are 14 chairs in the main treatment room with six chairs attached in a smaller area and two separate side rooms. Privacy and dignity is maintained at all times with the use of screens and a separate room.

The Welcome Treatment Centre is designed for patients that are receiving short treatments and do not require an overnight stay in hospital. While you are receiving your treatment, there is additional seating for your family and friends to sit with you.


There are two designated areas that can accommodate teenage and young adult patients. To help pass the time there is a PlayStation and an iPad that can be used by patients while receiving their treatments.


Tracy Smith - Department Leader. Email: tracyjane.smith@nhs.net
James Chapman - Deputy Department Leader. 
Kelly Jones - Clerical Officer. 

Treatment Area Telephone: 01623 622515 Extension 3080