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The Orthoptic service cares for adults and children with eye movement problems, children with visual development problems as well as those with binocular vision problems (how the eyes work together as a pair).

We offer a comprehensive range of outpatient services including:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of reduced vision, squints and double vision
  • Stroke & Neurology Clinics
  • Emergency services
  • Low visual aid clinics
  • Biometry as part of the One Stop Cataract Clinics

Contact details:

King's Mill Hospital clinic 01623 622515 Extension 6655 or 3365

Newark Hospital clinic 01623 681681 Extension 5751

Email : D.Plunkett@nhs.net

Head Orthoptist - Deborah Plunkett

Senior Orthoptists:

Gemma Case

Lucy Davis

Nina Pickard

Phoebe Tilley

Rachel Grzelak

Hemma Begum

Senior Optometrists:

Adam Holliday

Carine Dearsley

Department Opening Times:

Monday, Tuesday & Friday 8.00am - 18.45pm

Wednesday & Thursday 8.30am - 16.45pm

Patient Information Leaflets:

Why Does My Child Need Glasses Patient Information Leaflet

Occlusion Patient Information Leaflet

Atropine Occlusion Patient Information Leaflet

Fresnel Prism Patient Information Leaflet

Squint Surgery For Children Patient Information Leaflet

Squint Surgery for Adults Patient Information Leaflet

Fully Accommodative Esotropia Patient Information Leaflet

Esotropia Patient Information Leaflet

Convergence Insufficiency Patient Information Leaflet

What Is Refractive Error? Patient Information Leaflet

Distance Exotropia Patient Information Leaflet

Eye Drops For Children Cyclopentolate - New Patient Information Leaflet

Eye Drops For Children Cyclopentolate - Follow Up Patient Information Leaflet

Browns Syndrome Patient Information Leaflet

Duanes Retraction Syndrome Patient Information Leaflet

Other Links:

Nystagmus Network

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

The British & Irish Orthoptic Society (BIOS)

The Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust 

DVLA - Driving Eyesight Rules

DVLA - Driving and Diplopia (Double Vision) Rules

DVLA - Stroke (Cerebrovascular accident) and Driving Rules