When Someone Dies in Hospital

Once we have all your details, we will contact the medical team in charge of the care of your loved one. A doctor in the team issues the death certificate to us, and we ensure all the necessary paperwork is complete before arranging your visit to the Bereavement Centre to pick up the certificate. Usually this all takes around 3 working days.

Our staff will make arrangements for you to come to the Bereavement Centre to pick up the certificate and register the death in one visit if you wish. We work with Nottinghamshire County Council which has a Register Office within the Centre. Office opening times are limited.

You can also register the death once you have a certificate at any other Nottinghamshire Register Office. You will need to make an appointment with the Registrar's Service office first: 0300 500 8080.

For further information please refer to Registering the Death

Referrals to the Coroner

When a death has been referred to the Coroner,  the death cannot be registered until the Registrar has received a notification from the Coroner’s Office. Please refer to when a death is reported to the Coroner.