What to expect at a hearing assessment for a child aged 6 months and over

The Audiologist will introduce themself and explain the outline of the appointment, which normally lasts between 30-45 minutes.

Initially, you will have a conversation with your Audiologist focusing on hearing, understanding and speech development. As a parent, it would be useful to observe how your child responds to sound and report this during the appointment.

The Audiologist will then complete a hearing assessment with your child to gain an understanding of their hearing levels. There are varying methods in which this can be conducted and hearing assessments are often linked to the developmental age of the child and will involve a mixture of behavioural and objective tests.

After the test

  • The Audiologist will explain any results they have collected and discuss whether any further appointments are required.
  • They will develop an individual management plan for your child and then answer any questions you may have.
  • The management plan may include a referral to different specialities in the Trust, such asĀ ENT.
  • It may also make suggestions for referrals to other agencies outside of the trust.