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Living & Dying Well using ACT: My Life as a Clinical Psychologist with Terminal Cancer

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Music: "Once Again" from Bensound.com


Dr Jo Tedstone was a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, formerly the clinical lead of our service. She was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in March 2018, and  kindly agreed to share how her background in physical health clinical psychology had impacted her experience with cancer. Sadly, Jo passed away on 28th June 2019. She has left an extremely inspiring video and fantastic service in her legacy, in the hope to help others affected by cancer.


We would recommend taking the time to watch the full video, but feel free to navigate to the sections you feel are most relevant to you - you can use the time stamps listed below as a guide:

0:08 - About Jo

1:16 - Jo's experience of diagnosis

3:25 - Jo's experience of treatment

6:37 - Side effects from treatment and hair loss

12:35 - Coping with pain

17:37 - The impact of using ACT

23:20 - Jo's toughest challenges and talking to family

29:39 - Planning for death and end of life care

33:25 - How Jo feels about dying and grieving

39:02 - Advice if you're in a similar situation

42:48 - Rounding off her career with a national Macmillan Award