Braces are supportive devices that are used when an orthopaedic consultant requests them. They vary in design depending on which joint or area of the body they are fitted. Some braces are static and some come with moving parts or hinges to allow certain degrees of movement. It may be that movement may need to be restricted at special request of the consultant.

Commonly, braces are fitted by physiotherapists and orthotists who will also teach you how to care for you brace, including how to take your brace on and off. There are several types of brace used at Sherwood Forest Hospitals Orthopaedic Department, some of the most common are:

  • Hinge knee brace
  • Humeral brace
  • Richard’s splint
  • Hinged elbow brace

Some useful resources for braces can be found below:

Your physiotherapist or orthotist fitting the brace will also provide you with contact numbers, often found in a booklet, just in case you require any further support managing your brace. If the brace is causing discomfort, is poorly fitting or you are struggling to manage it, we recommend you contact the numbers provided as soon as you can.