Orthopaedic Inpatient Wards

All orthopaedic wards typically have 24 beds; 12 rooms and 3 bays with 4 beds each. The Orthopaedic wards are as follows:

Ward 11 – Surgical Assessment Unit (King’s Mill Hospital)

This ward is an initial surgical assessment unit where patients may stay for a short period while it is decided whether or not a patient may require surgery or is triaged to the correct area. This may be gastrointestinal or orthopaedic surgery. Patients on ward 11 will typically move to a ward appropriate to their needs at a later date.

Ward 12 (King’s Mill Hospital)

This ward specialises in helping patients who have an orthopaedic problem following a form of trauma such as a sports injury or a fall at home. This orthopaedic problem may have been fixed with surgery and this ward specialises in supporting that person medically and physically until safe to return home.

Ward 14b (King’s Mill Hospital)

This ward specialises in elective orthopaedic surgery which typically consists of total knee replacements and total hip replacements. It is here that patients following such surgery will be supported post-surgery to get a level of function physically to return home as soon as safely possible.

The Day Case unit is an exception to the wards and it may be here that you have day case orthopaedic surgery such as knee arthroscopy. Typically most patients go home the same day of surgery, but there is a Day Case Ward also where people stay overnight if required to do so.

Minster Ward (Newark Hospital)

This ward consists of day case and elective orthopaedic surgery including upper limb and lower limb joint replacement surgery.