Spring into action education and exercise course

Spring into action education and exercise course

The Spring into action education and exercise course is a twelve week programme run at Kings Mill hospital for patients that have been diagnosed with cancer. 

We accept patients who have had a diagnosis of cancer in the past or have a current diagnosis and are undergoing treatments. Patients are required to be independently mobile with minimal aids and able to carry out supervised exercises. 

Consultants and Cancer Nurse Specialists support this programme as part of rehabilitation treatment. Once referred a one to one initial assessment will take place with a therapist and an action plan for rehabilitation will be formulated. 

We currently have two classes running at Kings Mill Hospital

Monday afternoon classes contain three hydrotherapy sessions over the twelve week programme.

Tuesday morning classes contain three Pilates sessions over the twelve week programme.

Education course content

The importance of exercise

Fatigue management

Lymphoedema prevention

Wellbeing and relaxation

Diet and nutrition

Pain management

Complementary therapies

Vocational rehabilitation (returning to work)

Signposting to local support groups, activities, exercise and benefits advice in the community.

Exercise circuits

Gentle to moderate circuit based and cardiovascular exercises that are tailored to individual needs and abilities. All circuits are paced and graded to gradually improve or maintain fitness and energy levels. Staff provide a supportive and caring environment to help guide patients into activity.

If you would liked to attend the class please contact your Clinical Nurse Specialist, Consultant, Oncologist, the Macmillan pod or GP and ask for a Spring into action referral.